How to Enjoy Traveling More With TripIt App

Enjoy your summer travel with TripIt!

Summer vacations should be all about having fun and making new memories. But we all know that there are some aspects of traveling which can be stressful.  One cause of travel related stress is managing all the logistical information that comes with every trip. We have been fortunate to take our children on a few overseas trips. Often, we traveled lugging around a manila folder of printed flight itineraries, hotel reservations, rental car reservations, various activity confirmations, maps, notes, and contact information. I should say that it was usually my husband who valiantly scrolled through these voluminous tomes. We would arrive, fatigued after a long flight, phone battery dangerously low, with tired children in tow, and need to navigate to our next destination, perhaps a hotel. We would rifle though printouts and try to give the appropriate address to a harried taxi driver. It was stressful, until we got organized with a wonderful app called TripIt.

TripIt takes all the hassle out of managing travel logistics. It creates a single trip itinerary comprised of all your flight confirmations; hotel reservations; activity confirmations, everything you need in one place. If flight times change you will know about it, because TripIt will send you an alert. Don’t like your seats? TripIt will help you find better seats as they become available. Additionally, you will be able to view your travel itinerary even if you are offline, like in flight.

Each traveler can have an encrypted, PIN protected traveler profile to store Passport numbers, Global Entry card numbers, or Driver’s License numbers. This way, if something should get lost during your trip, getting replacement documents will be so much easier. TripIt also allows you to store contact information for important contacts such as doctors, pet sitters, even pharmacies. Another really nice feature of this app is that it allows you to sync your travel information with your calendar so that you know where you need to be and when.

One more thing, when our family travels, we are not very diligent about letting loved ones know where we’ll be, where we are staying, and when we’ll be back. With TripIt, it is a cinch to share all your travel information by sending an email link.

Lastly, TripIt tracks all your reward points. If your miles are about to expire you will receive an alert from TripIt. One less thing for you to have to manage!