Creating Your Very Own Real World She Shed

She shed sea shells by the seashore. That’s what she shed. Wait…what?! The whole “she shed” concept came about several years ago as the woman’s equivalent of the man cave: a personal sanctuary to recharge, relax, and de-stress. Doesn’t that sound divine? Search Pinterest for “she shed,” however, and the photos can overwhelm one with their full-blown cottages replete with high-end decor, skylights, a mini fridge, porch swing…you name it. While the concept of a private retreat is a major plus for self-care, creating a she shed shouldn’t become yet another burdensome house project or expense. And honestly, most people don’t have an old garden shed, gazebo, or cottage on their property to transform into an English garden- or fairy tale-inspired she shed. We’ve got ideas on how to bring the she shed idea back to a realistic and manageable level so that every woman can create one without stressing out or spending a lot.

Find Your Space

If you do happen to have a structure on your property you want to convert into a fabulous she shed, that’s awesome—more power to you! If you don’t, you’ll need to get a little creative. Think of “she shed” as a concept, and not necessarily a building. Is your kiddo off to college? Consider transforming their bedroom into your she shed, and having them bunk with a sibling when they’re home for a spell. Does your garage have an extra bay? Do you have a screened-in porch? A sitting area in your bedroom? A never-used “formal” dining room? A really big walk-in closet? See where I’m going with this? Find even a corner that you can make your personal oasis; then cordon it off with a room divider or screen for more privacy.

What Will You Do In Your She Shed?

Remember, this is a space that is free of responsibility, where you can do what YOU want, WHEN you want. With that in mind, here are some possibilities. You can also do more than one thing in your she shed—it’s your dream space, after all!

  • Imagination and creativity: craft/hobby room, writer/blogger haven, art studio
  • Mind and body retreat: yoga or meditation space, cozy reading nook
  • Nature’s bounty: potting shed, flower arranging studio, hot succulent house
  • Tune in or tune out: TV, music, or video game room (where you don’t have to share the remotes and controls!), napping hideaway


Now Make This Space Your Very Own

This is the fun part (rubs hands together gleefully): filling it with things you love, that make you calm and content, that bring you joy. Decorate it with no one but YOU in mind. It could certainly have a completely different aesthetic than the rest of your home! Depending on what you’ll be doing in your she shed, set it up and decorate it accordingly—just don’t go overboard and get it too cluttered or too busy (relaxing oasis, remember?). No two she sheds will be alike; they should be as individual as our personalities.

What You Should Not Do In Your She Shed

To maintain your hideaway’s relaxing and de-stressing vibe, don’t make it into your home office. Make it be the one space you do not bring your phone, laptop, or paperwork into. Don’t let it devolve into your extra storage area or dumping ground either—not conducive to recharging yourself! If you have kids, trust me, they will be fascinated by this space and will want in on it. Explain to them that it’s mom’s special, private retreat, and it’s your wish that they respect your need for it. You may need to give the same explanation to your partner, natch.

Why Is Solitude Important for Me?

Because we all live a busy, noisy, fast-paced, demanding life. There is always something that needs to be done, and these things are definitely important. You know what else is important? You. Solitude lets you—even for a brief moment—shut out everyone and everything and put the focus on yourself. Women work nearly an hour longer than men each day, and giving yourself a unique, private haven is a gift to your mind, body, and soul. It can improve your relationships to have time away from your loved ones when you’ve got regular periods to recharge, re-energize, and self-reflect.

And don’t forget the number one rule about she sheds: No. Guilt.


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