Contained Home: A New Service from Simplify Experts and The Container Store!

contained home

Like many of you we love The Container Store. It is such a fun store with aisles and aisles of beautiful home organizing products of every possible type. For some people The Container Store can be a source of inspiration. Others know they need help, but the store can be a bit overwhelming. We can completely understand why. There are so many types of products to choose from! How do you know what you will need for your organizing project? How many containers should you purchase? What elfa® solution might fit your needs? You may have multiple rooms that need some TLC, but you are unsure what pieces will fit your space and meet your needs. Perhaps you are not even sure what your exact needs are, all you know is that you need some help. Help is here! Simplify Experts is now working together with The Container Store’s Contained Home In-Home Organization Service. We are super excited to be a part of this amazing service! Two of our expert home organizers, Amy Nelson and Alicia Lott will guide clients through designing closets and storage systems, organizing projects, evaluating needs and assisting with the purchase of products from the Container Store. Now you can have the beautiful products you want and need without the headache of figuring out the specifics on your own.
Later this month Amy and Alicia will be flying to Michigan to attend a special Contained Home, In-Home Organization Service training in Troy. If you have an organizing project on the horizon and you’ve considered products from The Container Store, consider meeting with Amy or Alicia. Use their expertise to help you evaluate what you need for your project. Once your products are delivered, they will work side by side with you to organize your space. It’s as easy as that! For more information about the Contained Home program click here.