What is Minimalism?

by Christine Platt
July 10, 2022
for The Los Angeles Times

Op-Ed: Minimalism is about more than downsizing. It’s about living with intention

Every so often, I smile as I reflect on the random Saturday morning when I found myself faced with a common clutter conundrum: Do I need more baskets and bins? I had to laugh as I asked myself: Are you really about to buy more stuff to hide all the stuff you don’t even use?

That was the day I first acknowledged that storing things, OK, hiding things, so they’d be out of sight and out of mind wasn’t a solution to my overconsumption. It was time for a change. It was time for me to change. Every online search that day centered on how to live with less stuff, and they all yielded the same results: become a minimalist.

If there were a contest for the woman least likely to succeed as a minimalist, I surely would have won. Much like my piles of clothing, home goods and knickknacks, the odds were stacked against me.

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7 Things to Declutter on Labor Day Weekend

Definitely enjoy these last few weeks of summer! Get out in the sun, the mountains, the water. Pacific Northwesterners know to cherish and make the most of these last few weeks of warm, sunny weather! We may get four more weeks, or we may get eight more weeks, before the wet and cooler weather rolls in for a long, grey stretch. There will definitely be some decluttering that needs doing. Take a few hours on Labor Day weekend to clear out some of this end-of-summer detritus, and you’ll have less to do once Autumn truly hits. Gotta make room for the long holiday season!

1. Grilling tools

Most people have way more grilling tools than they actually end up using. Multiple grill spatulas, forks, basting brushes, and tongs? Keep one great set and bless the rest onto someone else. Consider all those fancy grilling “extras”—grill baskets, mitts, marinating trays, thermometers, smoker boxes—and donate anything you didn’t use this summer.

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