Create a Calm Home For This Valentine’s Day

Create calm in your home this Valentine's Day by decluttering.

Did you know that each year 180 million cards are exchanged, and 198 million roses are used on Valentine’s Day? With over 13 billion dollars spent each year, Valentine’s Day is a big deal to many people.

Simple Gestures to Create a Lovely Valentine’s Day

Although the most common gifts are flowers, candy and cards, there are countless great ways to make your Valentine’s Day truly special. A small thing like making the bed can be a lovely gesture of caring for your Valentine. You can honor your loved one by taking just a little time to declutter the common spaces in your bedroom and bathroom. Hang up clothes and pick up any laundry off the floor. Put away books and magazines. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom. Clear your nightstands of clutter. Go the extra mile and run the vacuum, dust and voila! In the bathroom, clear the shower and counter of excess clutter. Go through the cupboards and toss old hair products, lotions and makeup long gone unused to free up space.  These small changes will make your bedroom and bathroom feel calm and more serene. This Valentine’s day, your loved one will feel cherished in their newly calm bedroom space!

Fulfilling True Desires (of decluttering!)

Has your loved one expressed to you a desire for you to get your clutter under control? This Valentine’s may be your opportunity to show your love by fulfilling their desire. If your spouse complains about your paper piles, spend an hour filing, shredding and recycling what you can, and taking action on the rest. Show your spouse the newly cleared space – he/she will appreciate that you heeded their wishes. Celebrate your success with some Valentine’s Day chocolate!
Does your bedroom closet overflow with your clothing while your spouse is relegated to a sliver of space? Grab a garbage bag and fill it up with clothes that either don’t fit, are out of style, or clothes that don’t make you feel good when you wear them. We tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, so don’t be afraid to donate what you don’t use. Making space for your spouse in your closet, shows that you are making space for their needs in your life.

Make a Plan Together!

Perhaps you would truly like to tackle some of the cluttered areas of your home, but you find the project too overwhelming. This Valentine’s Day, together with your spouse, discuss your goals for your home environment. Discuss what areas of your home work well. Decide on what you would both like to tackle and set aside a time to do it. Working with a professional organizer can be a very efficient way to get a lot of decluttering done very quickly. We will help you achieve your goals for your space and we will take your donations and shredding away. Having buy-in from your loved one will ensure that you both enjoy the process and the end-product. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy your loved ones and clear clutter so you can enjoy a home which nurtures your love.