Best Products for Storing Holiday Decor

Soon you will be putting away all that lovely holiday decor. Do you store these items in banker’s boxes, moving boxes, or whatever random boxes you’ve got? We’ve got some great suggestions for improving your holiday decor storage. Stored properly, your beloved decorations will last longer and not be prone to dust, moisture, and damage.

Artificial Christmas Tree

With proper care and storage, a good-quality artificial tree can last for many years. Whether or not you decide to follow Epbot’s shrink-wrap method to keep the lights on the tree, you’ll want to store it somewhere dry and undisturbed. The Tree Keeper Bag lets you store your tree upright, and then roll it to your garage, storage room, or closet until next year. If you’d prefer to take it apart and store in a bag, Amazon has a huge selection—some with wheels, some that are duffle-style. Be sure to get one to fit the height of your tree.

Christmas Lights

Home Edit’s Light Organizer With Hinged Lid is super for keeping your light strings untangled with its 5 removable reels; also makes it easy to pull out and put the lights on your tree. We like how they’re clear—no mistaking what’s inside. If you prefer your string lights bundled, this light storage box from Home Depot is for you. Six compartments store up to 12 sets of holiday lights; each set has its own adjustable wrap-and-snap fastener. It’s also got a clear-view lid and label slot.


This Christmas Ornament Storage Box makes easy work of putting away all those small, possibly breakable treasures. Durable red canvas, a rigid shell to make stacking possible, and braided rope handles. We especially love the drawer-style trays. If you’ve got the space and the budget for it, the granddaddy of ornament storage is this Telescoping Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Box. It holds up to 120 ornaments of any size or shape, has 5 removable, portable trays, an extendable metal frame, and trays lined with a plush, velour fabric.

Wreaths and Garlands

You definitely want to store your wreaths and garlands in an appropriately-shaped container. These waterproof, tear-resistant canvas circular bags work nicely to keep your greenery intact and away from dust and moisture. It also comes in three sizes so your wreath fits into it perfectly. Need something even sturdier? This 24″ hard plastic wreath/garland storage bin snaps shut and can be stored upright.

Figurines and Other Collectibles

This Tall Collectible Storage Box is perfect for figurines, candle holders, or tall village pieces. The cardboard divider allows for 9 pieces to be stored. It also features side handles, a label holder, and lift-off lid. The Holiday Figurine Storage Box holds up to 8 items of different sizes and heights, with adjustable dividers.


Your holiday decor is special to you—they have meaning, are attached to wonderful memories, and make your home feel loved and joyful during this time of year. During the other 11 months, keep them safely stored away. Come next year, it will feel like opening presents before actually opening your presents!


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