Why I Became a Professional Organizer

After working in the high tech industry for seven years followed by a decade at home full time with my children I felt a longing for something that would be interesting for me to do outside of the home. I considered professional organizing, interior design and nutrition as areas in which I would enjoy working. Having a child with ADHD I had researched how to nourish his mind and body to lesson his symptoms.  His symptoms greatly improved on a nutrient-dense whole foods diet along with supplementation.  Having witnessed this success in our son’s health I went back to school to formally study nutrition so that I could help other families with ADHD improve their quality of life.

Immediately upon graduating as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I started my own business working with clients with a variety of health concerns. While it was satisfying work I found being a business owner to be much more demanding than I had imagined.  I definitely have a passion for helping clients address their individual nutritional needs, but it was too much pressure at this point in my life to sustain an office space. My children are young and it is important to me to provide nutritious meals for them and enjoy family time.  I met Denise when I was building my business.  We did some joint talks on Nutrition and Organizing for ADHD, and I was struck by her professionalism and the fact that she works with many families who are chronically disorganized (many with ADHD or other neurological issues).  I have always been in tune with the effect clutter has on my state of mind, and find myself naturally wanting to clean out clutter.  I often help friends and family organize areas of their homes, and it’s something I enjoy doing.  Helping people organize their surroundings makes a big difference in their lives and brings joy to others. This is what brought me to Simplify Experts.