How I Became a Professional Organizer VLASTA HILLGER

Vlasta Hilger

How I became a professional organizer:

Today, it seems, families are busier than they used to be. We work long hours, we drive our children to after school activities and sports every night of the week, and we spend our precious weekend hours trying to catch up and get ready for the upcoming week. There are so many demands on our limited time and energy that sometimes we feel like machines. I am a strong believer that an uncluttered and well organized home helps our family “machines” run smoother.

Luckily, organization comes easily for me. As a child, some of my earliest memories entail sorting Lego by color. My family moved several times and I relished the packing and unpacking process…figuring out where furniture and household items should go. My mom saw how much I enjoyed myself and she let me roll with it. During both of my pregnancies, in addition to outfitting the nursery down to every detail, I nested heavily by re-organizing the linen closet, the office, and the kitchen. As an adult in my own home, I still sometimes rearrange drawers and cupboards to improve functionality. When my husband arrives home from a business trip, he often jokes, “ok, let’s see if I can find what’s different.”  I am a pragmatist, my least favorite chore is dusting and for that reason you won’t find lots of nick knacks around my home. I tend toward the practical and minimalist, I like to re-use what we already have. I care deeply about the environment and try to be a good steward by conserving energy, recycling, and freecycling when I can.

During the somewhat chaotic early years of motherhood, I found peace of mind by keeping my home organized. Now, as a mother of an ADHD child, I can see first-hand that our organized home is a calm environment that is nurturing to my son. He is thriving, mastering the morning and evening routines on his own. He is able to complete homework without distraction of a cluttered environment. He can find what supplies he needs because those supplies are always in their same predictable spot. He is learning good self-care habits and routines that will help him be a successful student and adult. About once a year, my boys and I tackle their bedrooms, organizing, donating toys and throwing away unused items. We always have a “give away” bag in the closet and once it is full, it goes in the car, so I can drop it at the Goodwill. We also use the “one in, one out” policy in our home. If we buy a new toy, then we look for something that isn’t being used to donate.

As my children entered school I wanted to re-enter the workforce part time in a flexible work environment. At Simplify Experts I love using my organizing skills when working with busy families, helping them achieve a little peace of mind and calm in their homes by tackling clutter and excess. I use my experience to bring practical organization solutions into their homes. I work together with clients to help create or restore an organized home. An organized home is a calm, nurturing home, helping everyone’s family machine operate a little smoother and I think we all deserve that!