How I Became a Professional Organizer PAM DOXSIE

Pam Doxsie

On becoming a professional organizer, you might say I was born that way. As far back as I can remember I have wanted my possessions and surroundings to be neat and tidy and have everything in its place. I remember as a child cleaning out the family garage, or wanting to clear out cupboards or closets. As a college student, my dorm room was always clutter-free and organized. Keeping my environment orderly was like therapy for me. As an adult working in a corporate world, I was teased about my clean and organized desk. People thought it was a sign that I didn’t have enough to do, when in reality I couldn’t think or focus properly with a cluttered desk. All of my life I’ve been teased about being tidy, but intuitively I knew that being organized meant a calmer and less stressful life.

I raised two children and spent 20 years keeping them organized. I helped friends and family with downsizing, organizing and clearing the clutter. I am a helper by nature, and I get great satisfaction from helping people. So it became suddenly very clear to me to combine my love of organizing with my desire to help others. I love what I do. Each day I get to create calm out of chaos and I get to help people while doing it.

Since joining Simplify Experts I’ve met the most interesting and amazing people. Everyone has a story and I’ve learned so much from our clients, my fellow organizers and about myself. More than anything, I know that it’s not about the stuff. It’s all about people and our relationships with them.