How I Became a Professional Organizer JESSICA SHEETS

“What is a professional organizer?” After two years with this wonderful company this is certainly a question I hear a lot. So, what do we do really? It is far more all encompassing than what might come to mind for most people. Not only do we clear the clutter, strategize then implement organizational systems, downsize, manage moves, and the list goes on, we are also cheerleaders, life coaches, helpers, friends, simplify experts and so much more! It takes a level of compassion, empathy, caring, and natural coordination to take on such a role. These are all qualities I noticed in myself and have nurtured through my short 25 years and ultimately what led me to this profession.
Even from a young age I craved the structure and simplicity that proper organization affords. Although sharing a room with my younger sister may have made it a bit challenging through the years, I always enjoyed the big weekend cleaning days where everyone was assigned a chore and we all worked as a household to reset our home to a cleaned, managed, and peaceful place. These memories, coupled with sincere appreciation for that inner peace have persisted on and led me to always pursue opportunities where I could help make a difference in people’s lives.

Whenever someone around me needs a hand, there’s a difficult task no one wants to volunteer for, or there is some major project that has been endlessly procrastinated on, I love to be the one to help. Because when it really comes down to it, it is just this simple, I love to help and helping is what I love.
Helping is a recurring them for everyone on the Simplify Experts team and what makes us so great at our profession. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. There is an ultimate satisfaction in stepping back after a hard session of work and feeling the noticeable, physical change not only in the space itself, but also in the people we work with. This is what we strive for and it makes being a professional organizer the most rewarding career. It is also a huge part of why I became a professional organizer.