Taylor Warr

Professional Organizer

Taylor moved to the PNW in 2013 after dreaming of it since she was a little girl. She lives in Woodinville amongst the forest with her long-term partner and 2 little dogs and loves the tranquility of the trees.

Organization has always been one of Taylor’s top strengths. It comes very naturally to her and she recognizes in her own life how it is a piece of the foundation for a steady and fulfilling life, and hopes to help build this for others when they need it. She knows how outer clutter and distractions can create mental clutter and vise versa, which can make it difficult to focus on and achieve what truly matters in our lives and can cloud our ability to recognize our deeper needs. Taylor believes that creating a calm space that works for an individual (and their family or housemates) and their lifestyle can help decrease stress and therefore cause a ripple effect into other areas of their lives.

Through helping family and friends with organizing projects around their homes and in their daily lives, as well as her own, Taylor has learned that everyone needs some extra support from time to time, and that everyone’s needs are different. She is here with patient ears and a compassionate heart to listen to what yours are, and create spaces together that are unique and satisfying to you.

Taylor is also a certified yoga teacher and loves to practice and learn about all things mind/body. When she is not organizing, you can find her frolicking and foraging in the woods, exploring, reading, and cooking.