Tara Slinden

Professional Organizer

Tara grew up in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Whidbey Island.  She has fond memories of the innate beauty of the land and the leisurely speed of Island Time. She has a lifelong love of organizing and helping others. You can imagine her excitement when she learned she could do it as a profession!  As a former elementary school teacher she has worked with every kind of learning style you can imagine. Paired with her BA in Theater Arts and a minor in Anthropology from Western Washington University, she has an understanding of how each client needs to express themselves and create an environment specifically tailored to their individual lives.

With an attitude rich in positivity and enthusiasm, Tara is most intrigued by identifying the unique features of clients’ homes and personalities. She diligently works alongside clients to cultivate an environment that provides space to flourish. She is there to help you through the fear of not knowing where to start.  Her innate empathy creates a safe space to process and grow with the surroundings instead of against them. As an added bonus, her 5’11” stature allows her to reach all those spaces you can’t quite reach…it’s the perfect match!

In addition to creating sanctuaries for clients, Tara is a talented floral designer and wedding coordinator as well as a staunch supporter of the arts. When she is not working, she can be found with her partner, Habib, quite often in the outdoors, at a musical or creating a home for them surrounded by beauty and love.