Melissa Hansen

Professional Organizer

Melissa finds great joy in creating efficient systems and organized spaces that make everyday life easier. She believes that decluttering your home opens you up to new opportunities whether it be in your career, parenting, or personal life. Melissa wants that freedom for all her clients and walks with them through the journey of becoming clutter-free with great empathy and positivity.

Life with families, pets, home improvement, volunteer work, careers, and “fill-in-the-blank” can be overwhelming. She loves to tackle the complex puzzle of analyzing a space and transforming it into something that best serves her clients, so that they find more time in their day and feel more confident. 

Melissa previously spent 20 years in Marketing focused on event planning and corporate branding. She has also worked as an executive assistant to a busy Realtor and dabbled in home staging. She received a BA in Communications and Journalism from Western Washington University. Recently she has served on the Board of Directors for a co-op preschool and elementary PTA. She loves to travel with her best friends that she’s had since elementary school, read (every night!), perfect her cupcake recipe, or get pulled along on an adventure with her thrill-seeking husband and daughter.