Haley Jones

Professional Organizer

Haley Jones is a Seattle native who finds joy in creative simplification. She has a strong desire to help others find freedom in organization and loves to transform everyday spaces into usable, clean and beautiful sanctuaries. Haley encourages and inspires clients to transform their spaces into aesthetically-pleasing, functional and organized systems that are sustainable long-term. She takes pride in cultivating spaces that make clients feel their best and, most importantly, promote efficiency so their valuable time can be spent elsewhere!

Haley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Administrative Management and Human Resources from Central Washington University. She is an experienced wedding and events planner and has a background in Human Resources, spending more than eight years developing organizational and employee engagement processes. It was during this season of life that Haley decided to channel her creative outlet into combining her primary passions; serving people and organizing their lives. Haley enjoys traveling, the outdoors and spending time with her husband and family.