Funda Ozkeskin

Professional Organizer

Funda believes an organized and functional space gives you the time for what matters most, provides calmness, and increases productivity whether this be for school, business, or personal life commitments. She understands each and every situation is unique, and solutions can be tailored to meet these needs without sacrificing from the main principles. With this approach in mind, she will listen to you, understand your needs, and work on the right organizing solutions that would meet your needs.

Funda’s previous work experiences and community services for more than 15 years helped her shaping and improving her organizational skills. She currently is serving on the Board of Directors for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. She understands what it means to juggle different roles and knows the importance of an organized life. It makes her happy to see the positive impact of a challenging project.

Funda moved to Seattle area more than 12 years ago. She lives in Sammamish with her husband, three daughters, and dog. When not organizing and decluttering she can be found reading, taking walks, and making art with her kids.

Funda’s Area of Expertise:

  • Brain Based Conditions Specialist