8 Easy Fixes for Common Home Maintenance Problems

Maintaining a house can often feel like a very complicated task. Depending on how old and how well-built the house is, you can find yourself constantly chasing after small problems. Fortunately, there are several tasks on that big to-do list that are actually a lot easier than you’d imagine, with simple DIY repairs that anyone can manage.

Loose Drawer Handle

You pull the handle on the drawer and it wobbles, and one day you are going to end up yanking it off for good. Assuming you’ve tried screwing the thing back in, your problem is probably that the wood is stripped. Thankfully, this is simple to solve.

Easy Fix: Use some wood glue and toothpicks to fill the hole, cut off the protruding toothpicks, and then screw the handle back in.

Broken AC

There’s nothing worse than realizing you have a broken air conditioner during a sweltering summer’s day. Several things could be wrong with your system, but it could be something very simple, such as a frozen coil caused by a dirty filter.

Easy Fix: Replace your AC filter and see if that works. If it doesn’t, you will probably have to call an AC repair professional. Use this nationwide search tool by Home Advisor to find companies in your area who can get your system back in working order.

Drywall Holes

Drywall is a delicate thing, and holes and cracks are annoyingly common. In particular, holes from doorknobs slamming into the wall are a classic issue.

Easy Fix: Fixing drywall is easy, but there are different techniques for each type of hole you’ll encounter. For a doorknob hole, a patch kit is the easiest option. This guide by Lowe’s has instructions for every drywall repair situation.

Old Caulking

There’s no excuse for ignoring old and damaged caulking. While re-caulking is a simple repair, fixing water damage from poor water sealing is complicated and potentially very expensive.

Easy Fix: The hardest part of re-caulking is removing the old caulk. It’s not particularly difficult, but it does involve a lot of patience and attention to detail. Once you’ve done this, make sure you clean the surface before applying new caulk.

Bubbling Wallpaper

Bubbles in wallpaper happen when the sealant stops working or is poorly applied. It can be especially frustrating when you’ve just spent hours or days wallpapering a room, only to spot some ugly bubbles once you’ve finished the job.

Easy Fix: There are slightly different fixes depending on the size. For small bubbles, cut a small hole and inject glue into it using a special wallpaper syringe. For larger ones, cut an X into the bubble, peel back the corners, and apply glue beneath them.

Drafty Rooms

This is a problem in old houses with poor insulation, and it can be a nightmare in winter. As well as making the house cold and uncomfortable, it can also cost you a lot of money in heating bills.

Easy Fix: There are actually several creative fixes you can use for this, from draft dodgers under doors to plastic film or sheets for discrete sealing around your windows.

Creaking Floorboards

Do you have that one floorboard that sends a shiver of annoyance down your spine every time you step on it? Or, do you barely even notice it anymore? Either way, it’s time to fix that endlessly creaking floorboard once and for all.

Easy Fix: If your floorboards are just rubbing against one another, it’s a super-easy fix using baby powder or powdered graphite. Otherwise, it’ll be a bit more complicated, depending on whether you have below-ground access through a basement or crawlspace.

Cracked Driveway

Cracks on the driveway can really impact your curb appeal, but it can also lead to bigger problems if left to widen and worsen. Luckily, fixing cracks is actually pretty straightforward.

Easy Fix: Small cracks (less than a quarter-inch) can be fixed with liquid crack-fillers, and small holes can be patched with patching materials. Anything larger may involve paying a professional to resurface or replace your driveway.

If your home maintenance is overwhelming you, start by locating these quick, simple fixes. It will feel great to tick something off the list, and most of these take no more than a couple of hours. And if it turns out you do need professional help, well, it’s better to know now and do something about it than to let it get worse—and more expensive!



Guest writer: Danny Knight


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