15 Holiday Gift Ideas That Don’t Create Clutter

Holiday gift ideas are easy to find for young children. Young children grow quickly and move through various stages of toys they like. The tougher question is, what gifts do you get for the teens and adults on your list? After all, these are the folks who may already have homes full of the latest electronic gadgets and who might not “need” anything.

The following are creative gift ideas which are experience oriented. Best of all, these items don’t create clutter in your home!

1.  Spring Break or Summer camp enrollment is a great gift for tweens and teens.
2.  Cooking classes from PCC or Sur La Table are a wonderful gift for young and old.
3.  A gift of lift tickets at a local mountain is appreciated by teen or adult skiers.
4.  A photo book of a recent trip is a great gift for grandparents.
5.  Airplane tickets for college students or young adults to come home and visit are very appreciated.
6.  A gift of a spa day for ladies in your family is always a hit.
7.  A mani/medi is a fun gift idea for the tween or teen in your house.
8.  Play tickets for two or for the entire family make a memorable gift.
9.  Concert Tickets to a favorite artist coming to town are coveted by teens or adults.
10.  Create lasting memories by gifting a family photo session with a local photographer.
11.  Tweens and teens love music service subscriptions like Spotify, YouTube Red or iTunes.
12.  Give the gift of books through Audible. Children can listen to Audible books on their favorite device.
13.  Private drum or guitar lessons are a fun gift for the musically curious member of the family. Hot air balloon ride is a great gift for an adventurous couple.
14.  A tasty early dinner that you make at home and then a tour through the Bellevue Botanical Holiday lights would be a nice gift for friends and feels quite festive.
15.  Make an impact in your community by adopting a family this holiday season.

It is a good idea to include a gift receipt with your present. As you check family members and friends off your list, keep a running total of the amount spent on gifts to stay within budget.

Happy holiday gift shopping to you all!



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