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13 Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Teen’s Room

13 reasons why you should declutter your teen's bedroom.
Teens might roll their eyes at their parents and seem to heed only what their friends say and do, but parental interaction is still very important to them. Among your many jobs as a parent, you are critical in preparing your teen to launch into college and adulthood. Teaching your teen how to take care of their living space and belongings is an important life skill. Let your teen know that you’d like to spend some time with them spring cleaning (sprucing up, updating) their bedroom. Make an appointment with your teen if you have trouble finding time to work together. If they resist, negotiate with them or offer up a small reward of something they want.


13 Reasons Why Decluttering Your Teen’s Room is Important

  1.  Working together to clean up and organize their bedroom is great quality time with your teen. You may find items that remind both of you of a family trip or a funny event. Keep the mood light, laugh together.
  2. You are teaching your teen good life skills. Bring a trash bag, a recycling bin, a box for donations,
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