Karen Thomas

Professional Organizer

Karen Thomas brings over twenty years of professional technology project management, marketing and design expertise to her passion for helping people improve organization, efficiency, productivity and satisfaction at home and at work. Her individualized, hands-on, non-judgmental approach supports people through positive change so they gain more balance, harmony and control and can focus on their goals and priorities. She enjoys organizing any area of homes and offices and helping people develop habits that improve and maintain productivity and management of time, tasks, email and paper.

As a busy working parent Karen understands how being well organized helps families reduce chaos and stress, save time, and improve quality of life. Her keen sense of design lends to her ability to create organized systems that not only maximize efficiency and are maintainable, but also look beautiful and fit each person’s lifestyle and budget. Creative and resourceful, Karen enjoys helping people find ways to make effective use of spaces and supplies they might already have to create optimal organization without unnecessary costs.

Karen is from Oregon (she has a B.A. in French from the UofO) and after living in Paris, New York City and Boston, she returned to the Northwest to settle in Seattle. In her free time she enjoys swimming, racket sports, skiing, Francophile activities, volunteering, and spending time with her teenage daughter.