Jessica Sheets

Professional Organizer

Jessica Sheets is a Pacific Northwest native who brings the pristine beauty of the area into her work. As a daughter of a small, local business owner, she strongly believes in leaving any workspace in better condition than it was found. Professional organizing lends itself to this ideal and this ultimately helped lead her to this field. Sustainability is of paramount importance to Jessica and she strives to offer natural and green solutions to all types of organizing challenges.

From a young age, Jessica has strong, natural empathy towards animals and people alike. She has worked in local animal shelters and with special needs children through nearby schools. She has dabbled with a few different subjects at Cascadia Community College in Bothell, Washington before realizing her true passion as a Professional Organizer.

Jessica enjoys many activities including hiking, reading, travel, and learning.
She happily lives in Mill Creek, Washington with her husband and two pets.