AD/HD Specialist

Denise, Paula, and Pam are Certified Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Specialist

Clients with an AD/HD diagnosis are our favorite clients to work with.  We love your energy, creativity, and sensitivity.
We have the training and some understanding of what life with this brain based condition is like.

Do you know that struggle with organization is part of the diagnostic criteria for an ADD diagnosis? Your background white noise of life is so much louder than that of a non-ADHD brain. Getting organized is one of the best ways to quiet that white noise and support focus.

It’s not about trying harder. You don’t put someone into a swimming pool that can’t swim and tell them to try harder. You get help. We offer organizational strategies that are simple and visual to support your executive function. You have probably experienced some shame and felt isolated with some AD/HD struggles; we offer non-judgmental support and will help set up systems that play to your strengths.