Our services and pricing options are flexible to meet your individual needs

No two people are the same and finding the right organizational systems tailored with your individual needs in mind is critical to your success.
We’ll work together to create a plan to transform your space from chaos to calm.
* Packages must be used in full within 6 months from purchase.
Hourly Rates Simplify Experts
$120/hr Denise Allan, CPO, CPO-CD$100/hr Amy Nelson, CPO$80/hr Alicia, Pam, Paula$70/hr Alison, Ashley, Lovena
Basic Package 12 Hrs | 5% Discount
$1365 Denise$1140 Amy$910 Alicia, Pam, Paula$800 Alison, Ashley, Lovena
Basic Package 24 Hrs | 10% Discount
$2590 Denise$2160 Amy$1725 Alicia, Pam, Paula$1510 Alison, Ashley, Lovena

Pricing for Basic Package includes Hands-on Organizing and continued support including:

  • Emailed Monthly Tips & Ongoing Email Questions
  • Shredding, Battery, & Prescription Disposal
  • Paper Retention Guide

Gift Certificates are available. To order yours, please call (425) 770-5759 or email us.